Review: Fractured Sky by Catherine Cowles  

Rating: 4.5/5
Trope: Small Town, Close Proximity, Trauma, Floof, Suspense, Neighbors
Pop: 65%
CW: Past Trauma, Incarceration, Past Abuse
Audiobook Performed by Joe Arden and Erin Mallon  

The town of Wolf Gap, OR has been my favorite place to spend time in 2022. When I read book one of this series way back in February of this year, I did not realize what an impact these books would have on me and how they would shape my reading experience for the year. With each book in this series crafted with care and love as a reader you are anxiously anticipating the next one while not wanting the stories to be over. Catherine Cowles is a gifted and enchanting story teller. The characters in this world will become a part of your soul.  

Fractured Sky is the story of Shiloh and Ramsey two souls who have seen the worst in humanity but have not lost their own. They are navigating a world they aren’t sure they fit in when on their own. This character driven story shows us that hope, even when small, can lead to beauty for someone else. Shiloh and Ramsey are two pieces that when together they are whole. They need each other to navigate the world and to face their darkest fears. I truly loved them both so very much.  

We meet Shiloh right away in book one of the series. As we have navigated this series, we have gathered small clues as to who she is and how her trauma has manifested. But it is Ramsey and his own navigation of a world that betrayed him that open Shiloh and help her be the brightest light in the sky.  

This is book read best in order as series. My own issue with this book was the suspense element. It felt a little forced. I would have been happy with just their story and movements without the added suspense element. I loved this book and I will recommend it over and over.  

This is a phenomenal Audiobook. Joe Arden and Erin Mallon give voice to this story with a stellar performance. They are incredibly engaging and capture the essence of who Shiloh and Ramsey are.