The Hero She Needs | Anna Hackett

First, I feel like I have been in love with Boone and Atlas FOREVER.  That also meant that their heroine was going to need to be extra special.  And I will say that Hackett did not disappoint one single bit with Gemma Newhouse. One of the best parts of romantic suspense books is you never know how it is going to start, and this one we were thrust into the action via Gemma’s perspective. I was literally on the edge of my seat from page #1!

Boone is living alone in Vermont and very rarely interacts with the outside world. He and his canine partner, Atlas, do jobs around the country for security friends when they force him too! He has always come off as the quietest grumpiest grump in previous books, but it is clear that he has a soft spot for very few people and things.  This man’s heart has been put on lock down, and only the most special woman could make their way in. 
On the outside Gemma has it all and is living the dream.  She comes from a wealthy family, is a master baker and won the hearts of millions…but is she really able to live her dream?  When she finds herself in danger and doesn’t know who to trust, Boone and Atlas were there to save her.  I loved how kind, thoughtful, and loving Gemma is even after being put through the ringer.  This woman is also tough and does not back down from a challenge and will fight for those that she loves. 

While the focus of the book is Gemma and Boone, Atlas totally steals the show! He is a shameless flirt, and maybe even more protective of Gemma than Boone which is extremely difficult to do! But man do Boone and Atlas adore Gemma and this woman has them wrapped around her finger in an instant! 

This book is packed with action at every turn….I found myself excited and nervous at the same time.  And the intense connection that Boone and Gemma emanates from the pages of this book, and is clear to anyone around them.  These two have a special connection and literally cannot keep their hands off one another.  This might be Anna’s spiciest book I’ve read (and I am 1000% here for it!). 

 I really wanted to devour this book in one sitting, but I also wanted to savor it along with adulting.  I am so grateful to “finally” get Boone and Atlas’ book, and am even more happy that they found Gemma.  Their hard earned HEA was amazing and one of the best books of the year, in my opinion! If Hackett is a new to you author you can certainly start here, but there are a lot of cameos so be prepared to want to do a deep dive into her backlist!