Man Handle | Vanessa Vale

I would like to purchase a one way ticket to Hunter Valley and hang out at Steamin Hotties just to take in the sights….and by sights I mean the men and the ladies that have them wrapped around their fingers!
The James family has completely embraced Hunter Valley and are making it their home and bringing all sorts of business to the area.  So when Georgia is in need of a fresh start and new job her cousin Bradley, suggests a job with James Corp which brought her to Hunter Valley.  Of course she meets the most adorable little boy on the plane and then when she meets his dad in the airport the girl is smitten….and Mac is also left speechless.  Friends, this cute meet is seriously adorable and laughs out loud at the same time. I promise you you will never forget the introduction to Mac. Mac, single father and Fire Chief of Hunter Valley has sort of settled on the fact that he is going to be alone with Andy, his son, and Drew; there is no woman or love out there for him.  Then, he is absolutely gobsmacked when he meets curvy Georgia from Georgia.  His son Andy has already convinced himself that Georgia is meant to be his new mom.

Georgia and Mac are seriously adorable and I love that they dance around their feelings for a while, all while those around them are having none of it! Andy and Drew do a great job of pushing these two together any chance they have.  But truly these two make the most amazing duo! Georgia finds her voice and has no issue putting Mac in his place, and Mac encourages her to continue to find herself.  The way these two cannot keep their hands off one another makes me wonder what is in the water in Hunter Valley because wowzer the chemistry is intense and so darn hot!  If you love a small town with meddling family and friends where everyone knows everyone this series is a must read for you … .and while I think this could be read as a stand alone you really are going to want to dive into this series because it has it all!