Ep 97: We talk Seriously about Series

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance Leah and Becky talk about the concepts of a Series vs Standalone. They also touch on a duology and a Trilogy.  They break down what they like about all them and what they don’t.  They also reached out to several authors with large back list and where you should start with their books.

Standalone – This is a book that is just that.  Stands alone.  

The term – “ World”– most often used to describe the creation of an entirely new fictional world. Today, world-building is most often used to describe a component of a work of fiction, world-building emphasizes that the world being created is entirely new but can be in a “real place”  

Shared World– Some authors will share a world- This might be things like Penny Reid’s Green Valley, Tennessee  
Penelope Ward/Vi Keeland ‘s cocky hero  
It can also be author writing in a collective like Mason Creek or Novellas like the All American Boys  

Interconnected Series  Each individual series is a standalone series within the main “world” and is connected by a setting, a character or two. Each Series is typically Launched by a spin off/Cross over book.  

A Series with Overarching Theme/Storyline: When something is overarching, it affects or includes everything. While each story will have its own  couple  and HEA there will be an  , overarching theme that is carried throughout the series…   could be a mystery or a problem  

Series of standalones: Each individual Book is a standalone story within the main “series” and is connected by a setting, a character or two, and a few Easter Eggs leading to other stories and glimpses of past stories  

Duology- is a narrative series comprising two books- Meaning it will take two full length novels to tell the whole story.  Book 1 will end with an cliffhanger  

Trilogy– a series of three novels that tell a complete story.  Book 1 and 2 will end on Cliffhangers.   

Authors with Large Back List that we talk about:

  • Sawyer Bennett
  • Jiffy Kate
  • Molly McAdams
  • Kelly Elliott
  • Karina Halle
  • Carrie Ann Ryan 
  • Brittainy Sahin
  • Layla Hagen 
  • Melissa Foster  
  • Riley Edwards  
  • Kim Loraine
  • Lauren Rowe
  • Melanie Harlow
  • Penny Reid
  • Marie James 

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Book of the Week:   

Leah:  Beautifully Broken Pieces by Catherine Cowles and Falling for the Enemy by JE Parker 
Becky: Juniper Hill by Devney Perry  


Drunk Book Club:  Next Book Club is May 21st  we will be joined by author Duo Max Monroe.  We are reading My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend.  They will be joining us for the evening.  Book Club is exclusive event for Patreon. You can find details at Bookcaseandcoffee.com 

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Next Up: On the Next Episode of Buzzing about Romance we are hosting are first Ever Trope Talk episode.  We will be joined by some of our podcast contributors.  We are going to break down the Close/Forced Proximity Trope.  The differences and some of the sub-tropes of these.   

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