Mine to Keep | Natasha Madison

By this point in time I know that if Natasha Madison writes it, I am reading it.  And friends, she gave us a gem.  When I say that Grace and Caine (and Meadow, too) are “perf” I am not exaggerating. At all.  Natasha gave us all the things that I love in romance books; an amazing connection, a strong heroine, a hero that falls hard for his heroine; witty banter, a fun meet cute, and off the charts chemistry and her true gift stellar side characters we love and want more of (Hello, Nash and Meadow….we love you and will want more of you!!!)

To start, Grace is such an independent badass with some serious southern sass.  Sass that is totally warranted, and I love how she so quickly put Caine in his place. It is clear that Grace wants to make a name for herself for her work and track record not who her family is and I admired that so much about her. She is also such a hard worker. But Grace is also kind and sweet and genuinely cares about people, especially Caine and his darling little girl Meadow. 

Then there is Caine. Caine comes across as a jaded single dad. As you get to know him and see what an amazing dad he is you melt to him.  This man adores his daughter and would move heaven and earth for her.  He was also done real dirty by an ex. Caine certainly comes across like the grumpiest of grumps…but this man melts for Meadow, his daughter.  And of course, Grace. 

From the ‘meet cute’ these two had a chemistry that was palpable and the banter from the get go was next level!  Grace’s sass got Caine so worked up those around them grabbed the popcorn.  As the pair grew closer the sexual tension was so thick….and then they went for it and boy oh boy was it hot.  I loved how Caine tried so hard to be level headed and Grace just kept knocking him off balance and kept him on his toes it was just what he and Meadow needed. But Grace also saw Caine and all the things he did as a single dad that made him just the best.  

If you love a strong heroine, a grumpy single dad that melts for his children and heroine this is a must read! 

* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 


Rating: 5 Stars
POV: 1st person dual POV
POP: 77%

Series: Southern Wedding Series 

Tropes: Single dad, workplace romance, boss, virgin heroine, age gap, grumpy/sunshine, enemies to lovers

Release Date: 1/5/24
Available on Kindle Unlimited