TMI | Leslie McAdam, JE Birk & Rachel Embers

Last year ILYBSM (I Love You Both So Much) was one of my December of 2022 top reads.  So to say I was ready for Zeke and Doug’s book was a serious understatement. We met lots of people in ILYBSM, but there were two that stuck out the most and they were Zeke and Doug.

Doug is the mayor of the small town La Fierte and is also a firefighter in town.  If you look up cinnamon roll hero in the dictionary this man’s gorgeous face would be in there.  He is so kind, open hearted, generous, and loving.  He recently took over living in his grandmother’s large old house in town and has his best friend Zeke lives with him.  In order to make a little extra money they decide to rent rooms on a room share app, and that is where freelance reporter Max comes in.  Max back in his hometown to write a follow up holiday story ends up staying with Doug and Zeke.  Their introduction via text message is hilarious and continues throughout the book … .the text messages might be one of my favorite things about this series because each character’s personality really gets to shine!  Max, while successful and awesome, has some strong reservations about being back in Vermont and facing the bully that made his life hell in high school.

Zeke is living with his best friend that he is also in love with but hasn’t really admitted it to Doug or many others.  While Zeke might come off as the broodiest grump around this strong firefighting hockey coach has the biggest softest heart around.  And his biggest soft spots are Doug and Max.  

As feelings are shared and the three men become closer their physical closeness also heats up.  And wowzer these three have some serious chemistry … .while I would say this book might be considered a slow burn for some it really truly takes this trio some time to build a relationship and move their relationship to the next steps.  The sexual tension is also off the charts so it makes it that much better when they trio come together.  Their relationship and friendship never take a backseat and these three work so well together.  This book is filled to the brim with amazing small town goodness, lots of humor, fun banter, hilarious farm animals and little mystery along with a lot of heart and emotions! If you enjoy small towns, poly relationships and firefighters this book is for you! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention we get more of Sherbert (yaaayyyy)!!!