QSR: Lindo Forbes author Spotlight

On This episode of a Quick Shot of Romance – It is an author spotlight for author Lindo Forbes.  Lindo is a debt author of The Insufferable Mr. Fletcher.   

Meet Lindo Forbes

Lindo Forbes lives in Toronto where you can find her at her day job or procrastinating on social media, sometimes both, simultaneously. She’s also been known to spend her free time working on her novels-in-progress, battling with the Libby App (only 30 holds at at time? Pfft!), thinking of varied ways to corrupt her nieces and nephews, and/or searching for the world’s best street food with her husband. 

Connect with Lindo Forbes:

The Insufferable Mr. Fletcher
Release date:   Dec 5, 2023  
Tropes: close proximity, co-workers, rivals to lovers,  opposites attract  

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