An Irresistible Chance | Kim Loraine

There really is something super sexy about a man that is an amazing father.  Especially a father that is wrapped around a sweet and sassy 4 year old girl’s finger! When we met Hawk in Wild Mistake I knew this man was going to make me fall in love with him.  And I wasn’t wrong.  Hawk and Carly have been on their own since her mom left.  Hawk relies heavily on his family to help him with her, all while running a ranch and starting a new distillery business with his siblings.  Carly is precocious to say the least.  She gets into a lot of trouble at preschool so her dad has to come get her and then she gets to spend time at home with family.  And this system is working for her, until her dad realizes he needs some serious long term help in the form of a nanny.   In comes Daisy. She is the best friend of a buddy’s wife, who also happens to be looking for a fresh start.  

I love how each of these characters have baggage and some damage of their own in the past.  Some are willing to move past that faster than others, Hawk and Daisy are immediately attracted to one another, and the chemistry is intense.   Hawk definlety recognized that Daisy had some things that she needed to work out on her own, and I really loved how he not only gave her the time but the space to do that.  Sometimes characters jump right in without thinking about the consequences, but these two worked it out.  Took time and gave themselves room to grow into each other.  But once they were together they made the perfect team! 

One of the things that I love about a Kim Loraine book is the family dynamics and how we never leave behind her characters and they pop up later in the series.  It really makes the reader feel like a part of the family and in this case, the community.  If you have not read any of her Ryker or Wild series I would highly recommend them.  Kim Loraine has quickly become one of my favorite authors!