EP 168: I Licked Him First 2023 Book Boyfriend Tour

On this Episode of Buzzing about Romance Carolina and Heather join Becky in hosting The Second Annual  Book Boyfriend Tour.  The I Licked Him First 2023 Tour Kicks off with a list of our Ultimate Book Boyfriends. For this year we include our book boyfriend will be  books from the last 2 years.  Along with a Community Pick.

  • Books have to have been published from 2022 and 2023.   
  • A title can only be used once.

Please Note – We will be hosting the Girl Crush Tour in early November.   

Topics of DIscussion

  • Characteristics/ qualities of a Book boyfriend  
  • Can any hero type  be a book boyfriend for you?  

Book Boyfriend Lists.

Community Winner

Book of the Week:

September Swag Pack Authors – Newest Releases
Sponsoring authors Renee Rose, Melanie Moreland, Kelly Elliott and Helena Hunting.  


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