This was a very entertaining sports romance.   Jilted, Australian soccer player Finn and an adorable kitten, it has the heart eye emoji written all over it.  This was an engaging, quick and easy read. The characters are likeable.  The storyline is engaging with just enough drama to keep you engaged. 

Adele brings a lot of baggage from her past to the story.  This defines her interactions and how she presents herself to the world.  Adele always errors on the side of caution.   

Finn is a hot mess when he first meets Adele.  He has just been left at the altar and felt like it came out of nowhere.   As he spends a few weeks crashing at Adele’s house, he cannot ignore the pull he has to her.  This sexy sports star is certainly persistent. He has a charm about him that has you falling under his spell. The relationship isn’t without its challenges, mistakes are made.  Finn and Adele both have some issues they need to work through to find their peace. The evolution of this relationship was engaging.  The author did a great job helping us fall in love with Finn and Adele.

This a dual POV story, which I really like, but not in the typical way. First half the book was told from Adele’s view and the second half in Finn’s.  This book was well written and captivating from the start. 

This was a 4/5 read for me. Perfect to sip some iced tea and spend some time enjoying love. 

While this book at face value was a 4/5 for me, I did have a big issue.  One of the early offering of the Cocky Hero Club the Filthy Fire Fighter was also Adele’s story. While I love the concept of the Cocky Hero Club, I was a bit sad that another author had written a similar story.  If we compare the two books, I think the Filthy Firefighter did a better job in telling Adele’s story and her history.  Adele’s past and her baggage is overwhelming and I don’t feel we saw enough of the in Jilted Jock.  If I compare the two stories this was 2/5 read for me. They story wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t as good as FF.  My thoughts to the authors in the CHC, I hope this is a one off.  I hope that we don’t see repeat characters “getting” their story.  It makes it a bit difficult as a reader to not compare them. It also created issues with in the “world” that is created.  You now have a parallel universe where Adele has a different husband.

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