Review: Code Name: Ghost (Jameson Force Security #5)

by Sawyer Bennett

This latest offering from Sawyer Bennett in her Jameson Force Security Series felt different.  Not Different in a bad way, in a really good thoughtful way. This was not the physical threat type story.  Code Name: Ghost is more the back side of a mission. When you must heal and come to terms with what happens when you do this kind of work.  The risks it is to yourself but also to the ones who love you and you love. 

I really enjoyed watching Malik Fournier evolution, not just physically but emotionally too.   Coming into the book you aren’t sure if he can overcome being held as a POW after a rescues mission went bad.  Malik must confront and deal with not only survivor’s guilt, but he is falling in love with Anna Tate, one of his comrade’s that died during that rescue mission.  I love the added insight of Malik’s conversions with Corrine.  It gives us a peak behind the curtain the effects and aftermath this kind of career has on people.   

Anna was this strong and capable woman.  I loved how she is no nonsense with the guys.  That she realizes where her weaknesses are.  That she knows what she can and can not handle.  I really liked her. I would have loved to have had just a bit more insight of her coping with the lose of her husband and falling for Malik.  I sometimes felt she was just very accepting of her circumstances, maybe because of her losing her father as a child, maybe because of her own military background.  But over all she is a really great character.

The moments between Malik and Anna when she is feeding her daughter Avery were magical.  Such a sweet connection between them.  This is the moment you start to feel their magic. 

This was a 4.5/5 read for me.   My only little quip was I just wanted a little more insight from Anna, but overall, I highly recommend this book. It can easily be read as a stand along.