Review: Irreplaceable by Jenna Hartley

Rating: 3/5
Series: Love in LA
Tropes: Vacation Fling, Surprise pregnancy, Sports,
PoP: 16%
CW: infertility, traumatic labor/delivery

Enzo and Harper’s was a delightful way to close out the Love in LA Series by Jenna Hartley.  I have come to love these characters so much and it was great to see Harper get her HEA.

The chance meeting between these two is just the bump they need to start this journey.   It is a rocky road between them to get to their HEA. This was a Vacation Fling romance was a twist. 

Enzo is a jackass.  I am sorry he is one of those heroes that had me throwing my kindle. I was so mad at him!! He is incredibly sexy but so jaded with the world around him. He has allowed his past experiences to define his reactions.  He does have a soft place for Hadley to land but it took a minute to get there. Do not give up… he does get there even if he needs a giant kick in the ass to do it..  Enzo is sexy and he is very suave in an Italian Hero, this does add to his swoon quality! 

Harper is tried of allowing life to pass her by. She is ready for more. She needs more to her life than just her friends and her job. She has taken control of what she can and it makes her a kickass heroine.  The first chapter I was frantic in hopes she would get the perfect HEA.  Harper dissevered to be swept of her feet and cared for.  But I was not ready for her heart to break at 30%!  (Stupid ENZO!)

Enzo and Harper have amazing chemistry on page.  Enzo has the dirty talking down to a lust science.  All that attraction and also meant that those moments of passion either in anger or lust were off the charts.  The angst of their relationship and the miscommunication between them was maddening at times. I wanted to shake them both more than once.  I do think the mistaken identity was a bit over played, along with the ex sighting…. I needed more accountability for Enzo’s lies, he needs a bigger grand gesture. The addition of his mother and agent/best friends also adds a layer of contention for me. At times his inability to stand up for himself and voice his own thoughts makes him weak and not likable. 

I did enjoy this story and am so happy that Harper got her heart’s desire.