Mine to Love by Kennedy L. Mitchell

POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 65%
Tropes: Secret Baby; Second Chance; One Night Stand; Heroine in Danger; Damaged Hero
Series: Protection Series book 6
Type of Series: Series of Standalone
Rate: 5 /5 Stars
Release Date: June 27, 2022

Kennedy L. Mitchell does it again with this story. Tallon and Remington met 10 years ago, and had a moment along with Jamieson (Tallon’s best friend). What none of them knew was that night would change each of their lives irrevocably. With only first names to go on, neither Tallon or Remy were able to find the other, but each did try. While there are MFM moments in this book, there was a strong chemistry between Tallon and Remy. But don’t discount Jamieson’s part of this relationship because there are some intense moments with the three of them. Mitchell has a way with words and blends the thriller/suspense with romance well. While this is a secret baby romance, the way in which the storyline plays out, you understand why there isn’t more interaction with the son. But it works really well, and when he is introduced back into the fold its engaging and thoughtful. I don’t want to give anything away with this story, but just listen when I say… this is a series that you do not want to miss.