Mine to Love | Kennedy Mitchell

Another amazing release by Kennedy Mitchell! From page one I couldn’t put this book down.  Mitchell has a unique way of pulling readers in.  We get a view of the situation from various vantage points, and I always look forward to reading her books.  When the previous book in the series wrapped, Mine to Hold, I was left with so many questions. SO.MANY!!! Remy, Tallon, and Jameson had an amazing encounter a decade ago. To say the trio was shocked that they ran into each other during a serial killer investigation is an understatement, but that is where they find themselves.  

Tallon is a broody special agent for the FBA that is married to his job as he hunts down sick and twisted criminals around the country.  This man is intense, bossy, has a dirty mouth and is totally hot. Jameson is a detective that can be bossy, able to read people easily, and he is also very sexy.  Remy is a feisty, sassy, and smart single mom.  When the trio find themselves back together hunkering down while tracking a serial killer after Remy, their connection and spark has not dimmed.  The connection that Remy has with the men is off the starts steamy, but it is clear from the beginning that she has a more emotional connection with Tallon. It is Jameson that encourages it from the start for both of them.  I adore this man, and I hope that I am able to see him find the love of his life soon. The MFM and MF scenes will have you fanning yourself and checking to make sure that your Kindle did not melt.  

If you enjoy a romantic suspense book that is heavy on the mission with feisty heroines, steamy connections, and some amazing banter this should be your next book.