Black Mail by Lynn Raye Harris

POV: 3rd Person
PoP: 68%
Trope: Real Bodied Heroine; Protector; Heroine in Danger; Slow Burn
Series: A Black Bandits Novel (book 6)
Rate: 4/5 Stars
Release Date: March 29, 2022

Lynn Raye Harris treats this real bodied heroine perfectly.  Cassie is a beautiful woman how is trying to make a name for herself in her business, and she has a side hustle on YouTube.  This side hustle has started to create chaos in her life, and this is where Tyler Scott renters her life.

These two know each other because they both are from the same town, and Cassie is best friends with Ty’s cousin.  But Ty being older, and focused on different things, doesn’t remember Cassie.  However, that all changes and changes quickly.  This is a well thought out and wells structured story with the right amount of suspense to keep me engaged and happy.  I adore the way Lynn Raye Harris created these characters and their relationship by making Ty fall in love with this person who has had mental hang-ups about her weight all her life because of some icky people in her past including her mother.

I LOVE the fact that Cassie doesn’t strive to be perfect, but full starts to accept herself as she is because she maintains a healthy life.  It isn’t about who she could be if…. But who she is because.  I have jumped around in this series, so I can tell you that you do not need to read these in order.