The Fireman and the Flirt | AJ Truman

Cary Perkowski is a mature real estate agent in his hometown and crushing it.  Cary has a loving family, amazing friends and a giant personality….and an affinity for bright shirts and iced coffee from Caroline’s. But he is lonely.  Not that he would want anyone to know that or see it….because he projects that everything  is great. I immediately adored Cary and was so hoping that someone would come along and see how amazing he is. 

Derek Hogan, a newly widowed single father of a teen daughter moved back to his hometown of Sourwood to be close to family. Derek is really a great guy and dad.  He is really doing the best that he can, but it seems that the world is coming at him at a rapid pace and he had a lot on his plate.  But the pull he had with Cary was undeniable and I love how he just went for it! 

Cary and Derek are the couple that once you see them together it just doesn’t make sense that they weren’t always together.  Derek is a little quiet and reserved where Cary is bubbly and always has something positive to add.  But friends, what you wouldn’t expect is how much these two cannot keep their hands to themselves … .and they find themselves in some very interesting situations that made me giggle.  Holy buckets did AJ bring the steam on this one, but also so many emotions. I love that these two are more mature, but they still have their hang ups that they need to work through.   Truman really nailed how difficult it can be for someone to move on past the hurt that previous relationships have put you through. I adored how Carey and Derek worked through their past hurts with each other and the support of their friends and family.  

AJ Truman delivers us real characters with amazing one liners, fun banter, dynamic personalities and friend groups you would love to be a part of.  I have loved every single book in this series.  I cannot wait for what is next for AJ!