Totally Folked by Penny Reid

Stars: 5/5
Steam: 3/5
Trope: Second Chance; Small Town
Series: Good Folk: Modern Folktales Book 1
POV: Dual 1st Person

I have been looking forward to Jackson James’ story from the first time we met him in the Winston’s series. And I am not disappointed in this book at all. There is so much more to Jackson than we ever thought. When you met him in the previous books, you picture him as this secure man who knows exactly what he wants and exactly where he is going. Except that ins’t really Jackson at all. He is a man that is insecure in his thoughts, and decisions even though he is doing exactly what he wants. There are so many facets to this man that you can’t help but want to hold him close. And that is exactly what Raquel does for him. Although, she is so lost in her own right. This is a woman who outwardly seems that she has it all and has it all together. But she isn’t sure who she is. She isn’t sure that what she is doing is truly what she wants, and she isn’t sure that her life is going in a direction that she wants. She knows one thing and one thing only….that the night that she first met Jackson James was a defining moment and she hasn’t forgotten and single minute of it. And that she has wished so much over the last few years that things were different. We get the typical Green Valley small town love and devotion for their own in the townspeople. We get those natural musings from the Winston family. We get Cletus and Jethro interfering but in only true Winston style. I adore this book and look forward to the rest.