Review: Better Date Than Never by Piper Sheldon

Rating: 4/5   PoP: 67%  Unlucky in Love Book 2

This book could be read as a standalone. However, I think you should read book one too. Not because it is vital to this story but because it is just as good. Anyway, on to Wesley and Emma. These two were childhood co-stars on the show Terraformative but Wesley was not in the “trio”. However, Wesley and Emma developed a special relationship during this time. It left a lasting impression on both of them. However, twenty years later they find themselves faking a relationship. 

Emma has the label of Golden Girl in Hollywood. Her philanthropic endeavors have become a brand. So much so that she no longer feels she can be herself in public. Wesley comes from a film industry family. One that has dictated every move he has made. Wesley and Emma have a lot to work through to get their fake relationship to reality. They are both complex characters that have been shaped by their fame. 

I loved both Wesley and Emma equally. This is a rather hard feat to achieve for me as I tend to relate more to one charter than the other. Wesley is trying so hard to be a good guy in a bad situation. Emma is trying to not be so good that she loses her humanity. I also love this other world that Piper has created within the book. We get to spend some time with the creator of Terraformative and it was such a bittersweet time. Also, we get a hint at Harrison’s book which is sure to be interesting.