Review: Duke by Kayley Loring and Connor Crais

Rating: 4/5  PoP:36% The Boston Tomcats Book 3

I love a good meet cute and even better when it leads to a fake relationship. The kicker for the Boston Tomcats, Callum Duquette, is focused on two things: football and his eleven-year-old daughter. While trying to seek some solace in his favorite book store he runs into British actress Millicent (Mille) Darden. These two are attracted to each other but neither is thinking about dating currently. However, it does lead to a fake relationship that can benefit both of them in the next few months. 

Duke is a bit of a grump but I related to him and his reasoning. Life has required him to step up and take responsibility early. He is willing to sacrifice his happiness for those that are most important to him. Duke’s daughter, Chloe is dealing with usual preteen issues. Having her dad dating one of her favorite actresses, changes her life too. Millie has grown up on the screen as a well-known character in a book-to-movie adaptation. She is trying to gain more respect in the industry. She is certainly the sunshine of the two. 

What I love most about this story is that it did not unfold like your typical fake relationship. Kayley always portrays children accurately with an important role in the plot. That held true for this book and Chloe was a unique and loveable character. As with the previous book that I have read co-written by Kaley and Connor, this reads seamlessly.