Wishing Hearts | Emmy Sanders

Since Fool Hearts I have been waiting for us to get more of Harrison.  I really really liked him in book one of the Plum Valley series…it sort of broke my heart that for Wyatt and Easton to find their way to each other Harrison was hurt in the process.  I don’t know how Emmy does it, but she has a gift because my heart ached for Harrison and I could only imagine how he felt coming back to a place where his heart was broken.  Even after years.  Harrison has such a kind heart and soul.  He cares so much about animals, and people in his life.  And as a dad.  There is no question that Winnie is his number one priority.  I completely related to Harrison almost where you lose yourself in the day to day and breaking out if the menontiny is difficult.

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy …this man immediately captured my heart.  He is so open and wears his heart on his sleeve.  For a man that hasn’t had it easy he jumps in and trusts when so many others in his position might not have.  I also love that he has a found family that supports and loves him exactly the way he is!  The way he supports, encourages and meets Harrison and Winnie where they are at.   

Harrison and Sammy fit together so well, and the way they teamed to parent and support Winnie was also so special.  The banter between Winnie and Sammy was priceless and so real.  I loved these two and their special bond.  Sammy loves so hard and was exactly what Harrison and Winnie needed, while they also gave Sammy exactly what he needed…a family of his own. Not only were these two amazing together on an emotional level they had some SERIOUS sexual chemistry.  And friends, let me tell you Emmy can write a steamy scene….I’ll just say this….Cowboy Kink is a thing.  And Harrison and I have a lot in common.  

I am sad to say goodbye to this little fictional town in Texas but I am certain that Emmy is going to give us more characters to love! If you love a whole lot of emotions, soul deep connections, funny banter, and found families this book and series should be added to your TBR! I promise this book will not disappoint and leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy! 

* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 


Rating: 5 Stars
POV: First person; dual POV
POP: 17%

Series: Plum Valley

Type of Series: Interconnected Stand alone
Tropes: single dad, hurt/comfort, found family, friends to lovers

Release Date: 9/14/23
Available on Kindle Unlimited