Shoulda by Pepper North

POV: 3rd Person
PoP: 57%
Tropes: Friends to Lovers; Daddy Dom/Little Girl; Small Town; Slow Burn
Series: A Second Chance for Mr. Right
Type of Series: Series of Standalones book 2
Rate: 2.5/3 Stars
Release Date: April 4, 2023

This second installment of the trilogy falls short again for me. Colt and Harper have been best friends for ever and have loved each other for just as long. But neither has moved forward with those feelings.

Colt moves to Nashville following their high school graduation to pursue a music career and wants Harper to go with him. But she refuses to stay in her small town to open a day care. I understand the want for Harper to stay in their town, but why does Colt never come home for her. Why wait so long to come to her.

Also, as book two of the trilogy there are some inconsistencies from book one to book two. Now they may be corrected in final copies because I read ARCs but I can’t speak to those corrections. They are big changes that throw you off a little.

The DD/LG relationship is organic and natural with these tow but the story itself doesn’t hold believable. Especially if Colt loved Harper in the way that he did.