De-Café Review: Hers to Tame (NOLA Knights, #2) by Rhenna Morgan

Kir Vasilek – anti-hero, member and number two of the Sergei Petrovyh Family, dark family history causing him to not trust women.  Strong sense of loyalty. 

Cassie McClintock- NOLA weekend news anchor.  The black sheep of her family since she is not in a field of science. Has never truly felt accepted in her family outside of her aunt.   Hidden talent of photography, but afraid to reach for her dream.  No, a huge social circle outside of her aunt Freida. 

I loved this story.  I loved that the characters have depth. They are more than just bratva. They are trying to have real business. This is a spinoff of the Men of Haven series.  I read that series in 6 days.  I love every strong alpha male second of it.  I love that these books have so much cross over, but you can absolutely read it as a standalone.  On top of strong alpha males, Morgan writes strong independent women who are very capable to handle their lives.  I love that the women make the men work for their affection they do not easily just fall in their arms. Cassie is no different.  She tries to keep the relationship platonic.  Her self-doubt with Kir is not because she is weak or looking to be rescued, it has more to do with the desire to prove she is capable of success to prove to her self and her family that she has value in her career.  This is a 4.5/5 star read for me. 

I should note, I listened to the Audiobook version of this. It is an unabridged presentation.