Review: Forever with Me by Claudia Burgoa

Rating: 5/5 PoP: 68% Everhart Series Book Four

Oh my gosh, I have been waiting for this book. Not only do we get Fitzhenry Everhart’s story but his soulmate is Byron Langdon! It’s been a minute since we have visited the Everhart family but Byron is everywhere. He is the guy that everyone counts on to get things done, but he is loner. Fitz is interviewing a potential new client that seems suspicious to him so he calls his brother Harrison and by extension The Organization gets involved. 

After investigating Maes, Fitz’s potential client, The Organization decided it needs to move in on him. This requires Fitz and Byron to fake both a business and personal relationship. Both are uncomfortable at first for different reasons. Fitz wants love but has a fear of commitment stemming from his past. Byron has chosen to keep everyone closed off from him in order to protect his heart.  But as they spend more time together, their relationship evolves into more. 

I loved how so many elements of Claudia Burgoa’s world came together in this book. We also see more about Byron’s roles in all areas of his life. He has seemed so elusive and at times a jerk in past books. However, when we get to see who he truly is, he is a rather normal man who has been heartbroken one too many times and wants to prevent that for all the people he cares for. Similarly, Fitz is used to caring for the important people in his life but he does have a more easy going side. His heart is hurting too and he covers it well. The two had to go through some crazy stuff together but the HEA was well worth the wait.