The Dealmaker | Jessica Peterson

I went into this book pretty blind in all honesty simply because Jessica Peterson wrote it, I knew it was going to be good.  And she did not disappoint with this book. AT ALL!!!!  Nora Fraiser and Theo Morgan work in stocks and bonds, and the pair are competing for the same promotion.  Nora and Theo’s tension and banter was epic and their fast paced high stress work environment added to the overall storyline perfectly.  There are just so many amazing pop culture references that made me giddy! 

I was prepared to hate Theo Morgan after the initial interaction with his character, but we quickly realize that this man keeps his true self locked down, like fort knox.  This man is pure gooey goodness and I was shocked.  Completely.  But I think it really made me adore him more.  Because he can also be a colossal douchebag.  But luckily there are plenty of people in his life that are not afraid to put him in his place.  

Then there is Nora.  She was a little hard to figure out.  She is seriously a badass.  Nora is a genuinely nice human that is working in a pretty masculine role, but she brings some heart and compassion to a workplace that is sterile and exudes toxic masculine energy.  I love the drive she has and to her it isn’t just about climbing a ladder and making more money.  It is about change and being respected for the work that you do no matter your gender. I was team Nora from page one until the very amazing extended epilogue.  

I loved the twitter reference and all of the little breadcrumbs I felt like Peterson was leaving us readers. She also so perfectly described the locations of the story, I truly felt like I was an outsider looking into Theo and Nora’s world.  I feel like this is one of her best books to date, and that says a lot given the amazingness of the North Carolina Highlands series.  If you love a workplace romance, with some seriously steamy connections, a group of funny built frat boys that row without shirts then this book is a must read for you.  Actually, just do yourself a favor and pick this book up.  Jessica Peterson, this is a fantastic start to a series I know readers are going to devour!