Dangerous King by Sienna Snow

“Dangerous King” unfolds as a gripping tale pulsating with action, suspense, concealed truths, intricate webs of deception, and a captivating undercurrent of sensuality. The narrative revolves around Nikhil King, a street-smart upbringing transformed into a formidable business magnate, and Danika Dayal, a resolute woman driven by a thirst for retribution, who must persuade Nik to align with her in a vengeful quest. Bound by a shared past as childhood confidantes, they forged an unbreakable connection, exchanging cherished memories and solemn pledges that seemed invincible. However, an unforeseen event sets off a domino effect of dire consequences for both. 

The passage of fifteen years paints Nik as a figure of opulence and authority, his thoughts still haunted by Danika. Meanwhile, Danika, having weathered years under the oppressive reign of a tyrannical uncle, is resolute in her pursuit to exact justice for the wrongs inflicted upon her and her loved ones. Nik stands as her solitary avenue of escape, and her determination propels her to embrace any peril, even if it means risking her emotional vulnerability. 

Danika’s character is a mosaic of strength, determination, unwavering resolve, and keen intellect. She possesses an astute understanding of her strengths and vulnerabilities. Despite her vengeance-fueled plan, she resists succumbing to its corrosive allure. Her enduring bond with Nik remains steadfast, only intensified by the potent undercurrent of desire that simmers between them. Nik, a commanding and potent presence, harbors a fervent longing for Danika to stand at his side. Both harbor concealed truths that inevitably surface, yet instead of driving them apart, these revelations weld them into a more resolute and united force, driving them towards their shared ambitions. 

“Dangerous King” stands as an enthralling narrative, a blend of lightheartedness and addictive allure that holds readers in thrall. This tale comes highly recommended for those seeking a mesmerizing escape into a world brimming with complex characters, pulsating emotions, and a riveting plot that weaves together action, intrigue, and passion. 

Book Stats:
Trope: Hidden Identities, dark Romance, Grey Hero/Heroine, Childhood friends, Romantic Suspense, Class Difference, found family, fated to love  
Series Name: Street Kings Series 
Type of Series: Interconnected Standalones  
POV: Duel 1st Person  
Put out percentage: 27%  
Is there a 3rd act break up No – but there is a choice she has to make