Review: Feisty Red

Feisty Red by Stacey Kennedy It is the second book of the Three Chicks Brewery. This can be read as a complete Standalone. 

Clara Carter along with her sister are the owners of the Three Chicks Brewery. She was the oldest, she is the business manager for the brewery.   She is also a single mother to  six-year-old Mason.

Sullivan Keene MLB’s bad boy returns home after seven year to face the demons of his past and finally heal some wounds.  He takes an opportunity to get a glimpse of the girl he left behind when he went to the majors by crashing her meeting with his uncle. 

Unsure of Sullivan’s reason for returning forces Clara to confront some of her biggest fears.  
Above all she knew that she had to protect her boy and her heart.  If one thing for Clara is true it is she never stopped loving Sullivan. 

I was not prepared for them emotions in this book. The subjects it touches are sensitive and the whole story brings out such an intensity that enthralls you. The story will capture you from the first page.   Clara is a complete badass in this book. She is the caretaker and protector over her clan, and she takes ownership of her mistakes and choices.  Sullivan’s emotions and feelings are just as genuine as Clara’s.  I loved every second with him.  He isn’t perfect but he owns his work in progress and is making big strides to be better.

This is a contemporary romance with a secret baby trope. While many hate this trope it is my favorite when done correctly. This was done so well.  With valid reasons why Clara kept Mason a secret. She owns her choices and isn’t afraid to admit her faults.  This was so well done. It felt authentic and true to life and circumstances.  Stacey Kennedy has a magic to her writing.  She brings all the emotions and sexy within her writing.  Kennedy is an easy one Click for me.

5/5 Star Read!