Review Ruthless King by Sienna Cross

I wanted to love Ruthless King by Sienna Cross and it had it’s moments. But I ended up skipping the first 6 chapters. There were just something the bugged me. I am not done and I will absolutely check out the next in this series.

The pacing of this book was sluggish, making it a bit of a drag. The integration of Italian words felt forced and often lacked coherence. Overall, the experience was just okay. While the initial enjoyment was there, the narrative lacked excitement, and the conflict failed to evoke any real engagement.

The plot revolves around Stella, whose father is indebted to the mob. As collateral, she is given to the capo, Luca, who, unbeknownst to Stella, has a history with her. Despite their constant proximity, the story fails to deliver any significant thrills. Luca’s erratic behavior and tendency to manhandle Stella became off-putting, diminishing the appeal of the romance.

One perplexing aspect was Luca’s decision to keep their connection a secret. The revelation of this secret later in the plot seemed disproportionate to the impact it had on Stella. The entire scenario felt trivial, leaving me puzzled and unsatisfied.

The desire for a more substantial storyline outside of the romance was unmet. While the book had its moments, it ultimately fell short of expectations.

Rating: 2.5 /5