Romances Languages | AJ Truman

Julius is the guy everyone wants to be friends with. He is so kind, generous, and understanding….but this man sells himself so short! I fell in love with him in previous books, but he might actually be my favorite in this series! (That is a bold statement, I know!) Julius has a lot of body image things happening, but luckily surrounds himself with true friends.  He just needs to let them see his whole self! As a side note you will fall in love with his Grandma because she is totally badass and completely  makes up for others in his life! 

Seamus, wow.  He completely 100% surprised me in the best way….and let’s say his friends crack me up in the best way possible!  Greg and Ethan  love Seamus for exactly who he is! He has not had the easiest road and is working hard to make amends in his life.  He deep down is a great person that loves hard and cares so much for others.  Seamus is a rockstar at showing Julius how the world sees him and adores this man exactly the way he is. 

Julius and Seamus have been friends for a couple of years, and work super closely.  Like right across the hall.  As a teacher myself, I loved how AJ Truman portrayed high school and its teachers….teachers are people, too! When Julius confides in Seamus and is in need of a sex tutor the so we thought straight Seamus offers to help.  I love love love this trope, and a great bi-awkening and I knew this book would not disappoint…and friends, it did not disappoint! While some might consider this a slow burn there was SO.MUCH sexual tension and amazing chemistry throughout.  The build up was amazing, and perfect! While this duo’s friend group is amazing and I love them I also appreciated how this book focused on the couple, but we still got little sneak peeks at their friends! Of course, Raleigh & Everett could never be in a book without letting us all know (ha ha- we love them both so much!!!)….and Chase with all of his little factoids! Bottom line, if  you love a great found family, humor, and all the feels in your romance this series should be a must read for you!!!