A Love Catastrophe by Helena Hunting

Helena Hunting ‘s latest offering from Forever Publishing was a catastrophe that I just could not love.

After reading A Love Catastrophe, I must admit that it did not resonate with me. This book failed to captivate my interest in the way I had hoped. It left me feeling like I need to break with the author’s Traditional Published offerings.

A Love Catastrophe by Helena Hunting felt excessively cheesy and heavily focused on feline dialogue. Even if I had read the synopsis, I still would have given it a chance, hoping that the cat content would diminish after the first chapter, but unfortunately, it persisted. The characters were eccentric and peculiar, but to an excessive degree.

I found it incredibly cringeworthy and uncomfortable. The romantic scenes felt forced and awkward, with an overwhelming number of cat-related puns. Although I understand that the protagonist runs a cat-training and watching business, the extent to which the cat puns were used was excessive. At one point, the protagonist even says “oh my catness,” which I found to be over-the-top.

There are a couple of things I felt dated the book such as Harry Potter references- can we please stop with these already. Also the authors implied dislike of Gen Z was unnecessary and felt hateful.   

I have come to the conclusion that I do like most of this author’s older offerings and their Indie published books but their Trad Pub Books are just for me. There seems to be a disconnect between the two. I am not sure if Helena Hunting is using different editors or if their voices is being muted by the publisher but this book falls short by miles! 

Book Stats:
Rating 1/5
Tropes: Roomates, Rom-Com, Sports, Close Proximity

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