Headstrong by Eden Finley| Vino & Veritas Series

I have long been a fan of Eden Finley’s and quickly read anything and everything she publishes.  When I heard that she was going to be part of this series with other amazing authors I knew this series was going to be amazing! I was not wrong, friends.  RUN do not walk to read the other 3 books in this series.  While I did not read the books in order, I can see where that would be very helpful! I love how the release dates are staggered, but still close together.  

After reading this series a visit to Vermont definitely is on my bucket list! I adored the college small town feel of this series.  We first meet Rainn as he is working in an LGTBQ friendly bookstore/wine bar.  Since working in the bookstore has become an avid reader, especially MM romance novels. From the get go he is grumpy and so closed off.  Something for sure got this boy down.  Whit is a college hockey star at the local Moo University (another series that you will want to check out for sure!) a family man, and farmer.  A chance encounter at the bookstore has both of them drawn to each other.  They cannot seem to stay away from each other.  

Whit is recently out to his family and friends is wanting to check off items on his “gay bucket list”…what he needs is a wingman.  He can’t flirt, he doesn’t know what to say and he is a total mess.  Who would be a better wingman than a flirty straight former hockey player/bartender.  Rainn objects but for some reason cannot stay away from Whit.  Watching these two build a great friendship was so fun to read.  And it leaves Rainn questioning everything all while Whit is falling for his straight friend.  

I really really loved this book.  I love how the two built an easy friendship and Whit was really able to pull Rainn out of his shell.  How Eden brought these two on the journey of finding themselves, falling in love and becoming a partner that another person needs was beautiful.  I love how those around them not only supported them but also challenged them to be better people and partners.  I absolutely loved reading their story, and I hope to see more of them in this series! ALSO- you also DO NOT want to miss the extended epilogue- for real it is AMAZING. Trust me Sidney is a show stopper! 

If you are new to MM romance, I think this series is a perfect place to start. The characters, the setting, and stories are heartwarming and genuine.