Quick Shot of Romance: Trusting Taylor by Susan Stoker

On This episode of a Quick Shot of Romance we are reviewing Trusting Taylor by Susan Stoker book 2 of the Silverstone Series.

Joining Leah on this quick shot of romance is Rachel, who is read.with.rach on instagram. 

You might have noticed that we have had rotating hosts on our Quick Shot of Romance Episodes.  All of the lovely co-host with Leah and myself are part of our Fancy Drinks Tier on Patreon.  This is just one of the cool perks of being a part of Patreon.  

Synopsis from Good Reads:

From New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker comes a scorching Silverstone installment that finds a former military man racing to save the woman he loves as danger closes in on them both.

Former military man turned government assassin Kellan “Eagle” Trowbridge isn’t looking for love. He’d rather keep his head down at his cover job as an employee of Silverstone Towing. That all changes, however, when he meets Taylor Cardin.

Beautiful, smart, and witty Taylor instantly falls for the mysterious tow truck driver, who comforts her both in the aftermath of the car crash she sees firsthand and when the police dismiss her as a credible witness because of her prosopagnosia (pros·o·pag·no·sia), or face blindness. Eagle, on the other hand, can remember every person he’s ever met—and the two counterparts forge an immediate connection. But someone else is just as intrigued by Taylor’s unique condition as Eagle is…and his intentions are downright deadly.

Soon, Eagle and Taylor are too caught up in each other to see the danger that’s approaching. But as time runs out, they’ll discover their love isn’t the only thing fighting to survive.

Release Date: March 2nd 2021 by Montlake
Trope: protector, friends to lovers, heroine in danger,
Steam Level: 2…definitely not as steamy as some of her other books. 


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Did you like this book?
Leah: I have yet to read a Susan Stoker book I don’t like.  Some I like more than others, but this one, I think might be in my top 10 of hers.
Rachel: I have enjoyed every Susan Stoker book I have read and this is no different. I’m loving this series and it’s definitely one of my favorites

Who would typically like the book?
Leah: Anyone who loves a good military suspense.  Fans of Riley Edwards; Anna Hackett; Anna Blakely….someone who loves a good protector romance
Rachel: anyone who likes “heroine in danger” and protector books. Riley Edwards, Kaylea Cross

Would you recommend this book?
Leah: I definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone.
Rachel: I definitely recommend it!

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