Ep 114: Positive Body Rep in Romance with guest Mary Warren

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance we are joined by Fat Girls in Fiction Creator  Mary Warren.  We are going to talk about body rep in romance books. Things we think work and was doesn’t. We also share lots of fat positive book recs.

Meet Fat Girls in Fiction creator Mary Warren:

Mary Warren lives in central Illinois with her husband and 3 children. Her journey to seek out and encourage fat representation began after reading a book that had the fat representation she didn’t even know she needed. This spark inspired her to read as many fat main characters as she could. After a while, she became an activist for representation on tiktok under #fatgirlsinfiction and then founded fatgirlsinfiction.com a website dedicated to the books and authors featuring positive portrayals of fat characters. Since then,  she has kept reading and talking about fat girls. She is now also writing about fat girls. In March of 2022 she will be contributing to the anthology Curves and Magic. She is also working on a fat girl rom com all her own.

Connect with Mary

Mary’s debut Novel releases September 20th.

Book of the Week:   

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