Review: The Do-Over by TL Swan

Rating: DNF
Tropes: Billionaire, Dirty Talker, Family Series

This book was a complete miss for more. I have enjoyed the other three books in this series and I was excited for Hayden and Christopher’s story. Maybe I overhyped in my head because I really thought this was going to be the best romance yet from this author.
But I found Christopher to be absolutely unlikeable. His character was obnoxious. He was an ass. He came across as a self serving jerk. He has major anger management issues and was incredibly unkind to Hayden.

The writing and tone of the story was a miss for me. I only made it to 42% before I gave up. The partying and sleeping around was to much. The constant reference to how Christopher’s desire and need for sexual gratification was gross.
The hate on women by both characters was so offensive, I just gave up. This was not a book for me.