Review: Reckless Suit by Alexia Chase

Oh, my Chloe and Damon! Silver Fox!  Age Gap!  Instant Connection. Reckless Suit hit all the boxes for me! 

Chloe is dealt a blow when she catches her boyfriend in a very compromising position with her cousin.  Chloe lives in the same building as both so in a desperate move she decides to skip town with the help of her best friend Delilah.  Delilah sends Chloe to Lake Tahoe resort.  There she literally runs smack dap into Damon.  A very large and sexy older man Damon.

Damon is in Lake Tahoe for his daughter’s wedding.  Doing everything he can to avoid the sticky yucky hands of his ex-wife.  Damon in his late 30’s is just starting to live his best life.  His kids 20 and 18, who raised on his own. His daughter 20 is marrying the man of her dreams, his son is in college and doing his own thing.  Damon has just partnered in a successful finance business with an associate he has known for years. To put his wife and daughter off he makes up a girlfriend using the name of the woman he met in the lobby a few hours before.  She is young, beautiful, and hitting all the right buttons for Damon to be attracted.   

This book is the perfect blend of story and steam.  I loved every second of it.  I do not what to give to much a way because you need to experience every second of this story! I love an age and a Silver Fox always will always pique my interest.  Alexia Chase is a new to me author.  But her writing was solid, and her story was perfect.  I am a huge fan of the Stuck-Up Suit. It is my most favorite of the original Cocky Heroes.  Given the chance to read Graham and Soraya’s daughter Chloe’s story I was all in.  This is a 5/5 read for me.  It is pretty close to my favorite of the Cocky Hero Club.