Melody- aspiring song writer and singer.  A soul looking for its place.  Sees the best in the world.  Is a 100% herself all the time. 

Bentley (Ben)- Weighed down in his life by family expectations.  A caretaker and provider.  Everyone he loves he in someway protects and cares for them. 

Powerful Bastard had one of the best meet cutes I have read in a minute. It was so funny!  It set the feels for this book for sure.  Powerful Bastard takes place in the Stuck Suit Realm, but Graham has very few appearances.  I liked Melody a lot. I liked her soul and her kindness.  I liked how even in a situation where she was the fish out of water, she used her personality to be comfortable in the moment.  Even when Ben would come off as distant and cold, she never just gave up.  She stepped back cared for herself and reevaluated the situation.    I also like that Melody wasn’t afraid to take a step back or that she didn’t stop what mattered to her to be with Ben. She continued to sing in the bar and on the corner.  She was feisty and sassy. 

Ben was a little hard of a nut to crack at first. You can tell Ben is hiding things about who he is and his family. As the story progresses you see the fierce and powerful Ben emerge. I wish we had seen that earlier in the book.  It would have helped us get to know him better. 

This was a 4/5 read for me. I really liked both characters.  I liked the story. I did feel parts of the story line were a little rushed.  I wanted more insight into Ben and Melody. This was a romantic read without being overtly steamy.    Stuck Up Suit is my favorite from the original Cocky heroes so to have little snippets into that make for a great read!