Dante by Sadie Kincaid

Discover a Captivating Plot Filled with Hidden Secrets and Intense Interactions in Dante by Sadie Kincaid

I found the plot of the book quite captivating, with its hidden secrets and intense interactions between the main characters, Dante and Kat. Their relationship was a constant battle, characterized by a mix of irritation and desire, which eventually developed into a captivating and addictive connection.

Please check content/trigger warnings as this book does contains a significant amount of explicit content, which plays a prominent role in shaping the dynamics between the main characters.

Dante perfectly embodies these elements while maintaining a sense of individuality.

Dante, portrayed as a monstrous mafia boss and an utter jerk, made numerous mistakes when it came to his relationship with Kat. There were countless moments throughout the story where I wished I could slap him for his behavior. Despite this, I surprisingly found myself developing a love-hate relationship with his character. He possessed all the qualities one would expect from a compelling mafia protagonist, and even went beyond those expectations.

Kat’s backstory was intriguing, and she herself was a fascinating character. She possessed a feisty and sweet nature, and her past was emotionally touching. However, I cannot overlook my disappointment with her lack of strength in situations where she was supposed to be portrayed as a strong and resilient character. Dante, being such a dominant presence, overshadowed her throughout the book. Kat allowed him to walk all over her without giving him the amount of resistance he deserved. I longed for her to assert herself and stand her ground on multiple occasions. Additionally, I wished to see more of her medical skills, which were only briefly touched upon.

I am obsessed with the offerings from author Sadie Kincaid.  Her mafia romances are some of the best currently being written. You will always find possessive heroes, suspense, and spice.

Prepare yourself for an emotional whirlwind within the pages of this book. Dante and Kat’s relationship is a combustible mix of passion, toxicity, and intense angst. Their journey is far from smooth, filled with numerous highs and lows. Achieving their happily ever after requires a tremendous amount of effort, as they endure blood, sweat, and tears on their path to eternal love.

Book Stats:
Rating: 4/5
Series: Chicago Ruthless Book 1
Tropes: Kidnapping, Mafia, Anti-hero, Possessive Hero, Forced Proximity, Opposites Attract, surprise pregnancy,
CW/TW: On page violence, mention of past rape

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