Review: The Newspaper Nanny

Rating 4/5
Trope: Grump-Sunshine, Close Proximity, Single Dad, hockey romance, instant connection, Nanny ,
Put out Percentage: 47%

A Grumpy Sunshine Nanny/Single Father Trope?  Yes Please!

I really enjoyed this quick charming read from Maren Moore.  It was the perfect way to reset and enjoy an evening. 

Liam, this man, was endearing in a super broody fashion. He has moments where he is a bit of a jerk, and you are not rooting for him. But boy does he love his girls. His dedication as a father was perfect. He embraced being a girl dad. He wanted to do all he could to shelter and protect his girls. 

Juliet was such a sweet character.  One thing about her is she is a hard worker. She is doing everything she can to be there for her Nana.  She loves and bonds to the girls instantly.  Really Juliet loves BIG. 

There is a whole host of supporting characters that you will absolutely fall in love with. The girls, Nana and her ladies, along with teammates and coaching staff. 

Really for a short quick read this book pack a lot in it. It is a well done, well written story. This is one of those book that has the sexy romcom movie feels.