I can’t imagine finding your person at 18 and 21 but being so bogged down with the expectations and demands of your parents that you are willing to let the love go.  Just walk away from it, not fight for it.  I think this is part of my hand up on second chance romances.  How can you let so many people in your ear and make so many demands on your life? I guess I do get it, sort of. 

Love Disregarded does a great job of showing how those pressure and choices can affect you so deeply.  This is one of the better second chance romances I have read.  Sometimes in this story it is the rich girl dating the bad boy and she bends to family pressure and lets him go, only to have him return and show he was worthwhile all along.  Love Disregarded was the different.  Aston was the son of a wealthy businessman.  He fell in love with Bexley, the girl from the wrong part of town while she worked at the Country Club he belonged to. Aston gives up Bexely allowing his mother’s expectations and his father’s demands to stand between them. 

Life moves forward for them.  Both Marrying and have children with other people, until a string of events makes Aston realized his life will never have meaning unless he is with Bexley.  They battle through their drama to see if they can finally be together.  Oh Boy is there drama!  So much is against them throwing up roadblocks at every turn. 

This was a 4/5 read for me.  It was a great story that kept me engaged. I was rooting for them to be able to find their HEA.  There was so much noise around them drowning them out.  At times it was difficult to stay focused on their story.