The Player’s Game De-café Review

By Alice Gaines

Katy- young up and coming lawyer. Lots of self-doubt, Lack of confidence mostly from an overbearing father figure.  Ex wife to Grant

Grant- veteran NFL football player.  Top of his game.  All Star Quarterback for the NYC team.  Has a strong protect and Provide vibe.  Ex-husband to Katy

Trope: Second Chance Romance. 

A random meet between Grant and Katy  after being apart 2 years.  A leaked video from that night of Katy knocking on random hotel doors to find Grants room. A push from both Katy’s boss and her best friend puts her back in Grant’s life temporarily.  One thing Katy and Grant always did well was the bedroom.  They still have all the heat.  It is finding balance in the other aspects of their lives that cause them issues.  For Katy she has always made her career her biggest priority.  Grant really wants family. 

Both Characters are relatable. They are both well written. In the beginning you love Katy but you do feel like she is just using Grant to keep her boss happy.  As the story progresses you aren’t sure she is really with Grant for the right reasons.  Grants is the strong protector provider type.  No matter what Katy does he will always care about her and she is always going to be his person. 

You really want Grant to have the HEA.  He is such a good guy overall. This is book 2 in the series. I read it as a stand alone and was just fine. This was a 4/5 read for me.  A quick and easy Second Chance Romance Read.