Shattered Sins by Grahame Claire

POV: Dual 1st Person
Pop: NO POP YET!!!
Tropes: Secret Baby; Single Parent; Sister’s Ex
Rate: 4/5 Stars
Release Date: June 2, 2022

I was looking forward to this book because it is book two of what I thought was a duet, but it turns out IT IS A TRILOGY!!!! I am the first to admit that I HATE a cliffy, but honestly even as I ranted about this book ending the way in which it did, I am loving the way this story is unfolding.  JoJo and Kane have a connection that you can’t ignore or try to pull apart.  They are two people who are truly destined to be together but let me also say… this is the SLOWEST BURN EVER!!!!  Their HEA isn’t easily found, and it makes sense with the way Grahame Claire is drawing it out.  Penelope is also a HUGE part of this story, and I love the introduction of her character to Kane as well as his reactions to her.  

Kane spend a good deal of this book deal with his emotions and fighting his desire to feel one way and justify his need to feel another.  JoJo dealt with the ramifications of her choices and found that a lot the decisions she made were based on lies she was told.  You completely understand her through process behind the secrets that she kept.  Kane fought with himself because of these secrets.  But as more truths came to light, and he gets a deeper look into her, he can agree with her decisions.  While he might not like them, he can agree.  

I really like JoJo and Kane together; they are two ends of the spectrum, but they bring out something in each other that no one else can.  I am beyond frustrated with the way in which this book ended only because I was expecting a conclusion, but I will say that I am so excited for the next installment!!!