Bromantic Puckboy | Eden Finley & Saxon James

Finley and James started teasing his book. I knew it was going to be amazing.  And friends, they did not disappoint on this one.  Bilson has been one of my favorite characters in this Puckboy series! His one liners are amazing but we could all see that he really is a softie.  What I was not expecting is the level of emotion and connection between Bilson and Miles.  

Cody Bilson is desperate for love, that is clear given his long line of ex-wives.  He uses humor to deflect how he truly feels, and that is just to love and be loved.  I truly thought it was extreme that he asked for a trade, but getting inside Cody’s head it was clear that he was just looking for a brand new start and a new team would give him that.  

Rookie goalie Miles Olsen is literally the epitome of golden retriever energy, and to say he is excited about playing in the big leagues is a huge understatement! Miles is immediately drawn to Bilson and the duo embark on a comical and sweet friendship where Bilson takes the Rookie under his wing … .and he becomes his ‘un-wing’ man so to speak! Miles is young and working things out in his own head.  Being a Tennessee native being home so close to family becomes a little bit of a blessing and a curse for him.  

Bilson and Miles are so unexpectedly perfect for one another vollying between funny and sweet….and the chemistry.  Oh yeah totally off the charts HOT!  My goodness these two!  Cody and Miles have a great friendship and they have one another’s backs when times get tough but they also aren’t afraid to poke fun either; and I loved this duo more than I expected.  And the Queer Collective was obviously so amazing, and proved once again that they might be the best found family ever! Finley and James have a true gift of writing books that give books filled with amazing characters that perfectly balance deep emotions and social topics, while also including lots of humor. 


Rating: 5 stars
POV: first person dual POV
POP: 30%

Series: Puckboy

Type of Series: Interconnection Standalone
Tropes: workplace romance, friends to lovers, bi-awekening, close proximity, dirty talker, kinky, golden retriever energy, found familyRelease Date: 4/25/24
Available on Kindle Unlimited