Moments for You | Carrie Ann Ryan

Carrie Ann Rayn knows how to pull at her readers’ heart strings, and this book is no different.  Ridge Wilder moved and bought into the family business at Wilder Retreat.  And he really retreated into himself.  He was living, but not really participating in his life.  Ridge, like so many Wilder men, are a little closed off, hide their hurt, and think that working hard will make things better.  That is until they meet a very special lady and fall head over heels in love. 
Aurora Lee lost her husband and has been working her way back to happiness.  When a social media post brings her to the Wilder retreat her life would never be the same.  An amazing baker and cake decorator she steps in when the WIlder’s needed her most.  Aurora is the girl that  you would love to be friends with.  She is kind, warm, and always thinks of others…always.  

I actually loved how Aurora and Ridge’s relationship developed, and how romance blossomed from a friendship.  Ridge’s growly personality slowly melted away as he and Aurora spent more time together.  Once these two give into their feelings and chemistry it is beautiful and perfect.  Ridge has a seriously amazing dirty mouth, and the way he cares for Aurora is so sweet, and it really felt like just the way that she needed.  While Aurora is strong, she also needs to be cared for tenderly, and Ridge is able to do both.  And in turn Aurora gives Ridge what he needs, she understands him in a way that not everyone does, she gives him grace when he is in his feelings, and she seems to know what he is feeling almost before he does.  I adored this book and getting to know the Wilder cousins, and I cannot wait for what is next in this series! I just can’t seem to get enough of the Wilder crew!