How Much I Want by Marie Force

POV: 1st Person Multi
PoP: 31%
Tropes: Single Mom; Reformed Playboy; Damaged Heroine; Family
Series: Miami Nights book 4
Type of Series: Interconnected Series
Rate:  3/5 Stars
Release Date: 5/24/22

I enjoy Marie Force’s writing and her books… what I don’t enjoy about her stories is the fact that there are so many character POV’s in the book. When reading a book, I want the core storyline of the main characters, but with Force, you get additional parts and POVs that while it works for the storyline itself, it isn’t a needed addition.  I understand this is her style, and if I had started at book one for this series, it may not have bothered me.  But this is the first book in it that I read, and I wanted more of Nico and Sofia.  I didn’t want or need the insight from the other characters that I don’t know.

  That being said… this story is good.  Sofia is in the process of divorcing her abusive husband… all that is left is the signing of papers.  Nico saw Sofia and his world tilted.  His past behaviors with women have Sofia questioning him, even though she is supremely attracted to him.  They move slow, and while I didn’t read the first 3 books of this story, I believe you would get more of their origin story in those books based on the way they are written.  While I didn’t miss it, I wanted to get their first meeting and their first reactions to each other.  

There is so much emphasis on family in this book, and it works and makes sense.  They aren’t on the page so much they take over the story (aside from when the POV changes) so it works really well in that aspect.  I just left this book wanting something more.