Hard Luck | Brenda Rothert & Kat Mizera

We are back in St. Louis with my favorite group of men and women in the romance hockey world.  Goalie, Konstinine (Kon) Volkov has not had an easy life.  But he has finally found a home in St. Louis and with the Mavericks. We met Kon when he was betrayed by his girlfriend and a teammate in the worst way.  Of course, we didn’t get the full story.  I have been so excited to meet this closed off Russian a little more, and friends he did not disappoint. 

Lucy is fleeing a bad situation, and coming to help her brother, Sawyer after losing his wife.  Her brother is worse off than she anticipated, and she was also not expecting Kon. Lucy is kind, smart, and a total people person.  I love that about her.  She makes friends wherever she goes.  Kon & Lucy quickly form a friendship as they look out for Sawyer. But their feelings don’t stay platonic for long.  They have some serious chemistry and the sexual tension is epic….I mean even the other players notice! When both of their pasts show up at the worst time, Kon shows his protective side, and shows not tells Lucy what she really means to him. 

I wish I had words adequate enough to express just how much I adored this couple and their story.  These two were absolutely meant to be together, and complement each other so well.  Kon needs someone to love and nurture him, while Lucy needs someone to cherish her they each offer one another exactly what they need. Although this book is really about Kon & Lucy, I do love how much of a role Sawyer plays in this book and we get to see the gritty side of grief.  We also get to see the Maverick family scoop Sawyer up and give him what he needs….even if he doesn’t see it.  Of course, we get to check in on our favorite Maverick couples, and meet more of the team.  And there are plenty of light hearted shenanigans that hockey players are so well known for.  Once again, Rothert and Mizera gave us an amazing couple and a book filled with all the feels! I can’t wait for more of this fabulous series!