Scoring Big | Kelly Jamieson

We are back in New York with the Bears, and I could not be more excited! I have grown to adore these men and their lovely ladies!  Friends I was not prepared to adore Nate Karmeinski, but he completely stole my heart.  Nate is a divorced single father, an assistant captain to his hockey team, and a man that is a little restless.  Nate is an extremely dedicated father to his young daughter, Quinn.  From the get go it was clear that this little girl was the center of his world.  When he is in need of a nanny for his young daughter, and someone to help him recover from an injury.  Carly Corrigan is recently back from overseas where she worked as an au pair.  She too is a little restless and trying to find her way in the large city.  

She has such a kind, genuine heart, and it is very smart. She is just needing to find her niche and her thing.  Kelly Jamieson always does awesome “meet cutes” and Carly and Nate’s does not disappoint.  How this trio meet and hit it off from the get go made me smile.  Carly immediately falls into natural conversation with Quinn while Nate takes the backseat mesmerized.  Both desperate, they agree to have a business relationship, but their romantic feelings need to take a backseat.   I love how Carly treats those around her, she is always curious and challenges people’s thinking but not in an off putting way.  Nate works hard to be the best father, friend, mentor, and partner.  There is a scene where he is with his daughter and school and I almost melted.  I was cheering so loud and fist pumping for him!  Nate also has his own struggles and things he is working through. Carly supports him and understands him in a way that nobody else has before.  In turn Nate encourages and gives Carly the space to do what she loves the most.  They are such great examples of loving and supporting each other emotionally. This pair are so perfectly suited for one another, and their chemistry is off the charts they will melt your Kindle! Move over Jackson Wynn, Nate Karmeinski might be taking the top book boyfriend spot!