Mine to Shelter | Kennedy L. Mitchell

Kennedy L. Mitchell quickly became a one click author for me in the past few years, but I think that she truly outdid herself in Mine to Shelter.  The descriptions in this book were incredible.  I truly felt that I was in the thick sticky air of LA, and the rising tension as the unsub became more and more agitated and Calista and Hudson became closer to one another. The tension in this book was palpable and I was on the edge of my seat … .while I was anxious for this unsub to be caught I also wanted more and more of Hudson and Calista.I truly didn’t want to let Hudson, Calista and Sam go!

Our introduction to Hudson in Mine to Share was amazing and heart wrenching, and I knew that he was going to fall so hard for a worthy heroine.  And man did he ever.  I really appreciated how Hudson was a detective in a large police force doing the right thing despite his superiors wishes.  While others may have viewed Hudson as just your average detective, readers quickly found out hat Hudson is far from average.  He struggled with his ability to do his job to the level that he thought he needed, where others didn’t see it that way. With that Hudson had worries just like typical people. While he would have loved to shower Calista with gifts and fancy things that just wasn’t something he was able to do.  Instead he showed Calista and Sam what they meant to him, and it was perfect. 

Calista has had a rough life….and that is putting it lightly. But this girl is tenacious, hard working  and smart.  She knows the kind of life she wants so she is going after it.  She isn’t into fancy things, she wants to put food on her table, love her daughter and have someone love her. When Hudson comes back into her life she could have hid, closed herself off but she did not.  She continued to fight for what she wanted. 
While Hudson and Claista have some broken pieces they fit perfectly together and they offer each other what they need.  Someone safe to love them for who they are, and a family.  

  This book was such a perfect example of romantic suspense, and I am so looking forward to more from Kennedy L. Mitchell.  She always does such a great job of teasing us just enough for us to be begging for the next book in the series…and I felt like she was giving us some really great easter eggs which has me so excited for what is to come!!!