Review: Show Me Forever by Layla Hagen

Rating: 4/5
Series: The Maxwell Brothers
Tropes: Neighbors, Close Proximity, Bakery, Billionaire, Opposites Attract, Family Series
PoP: 43%

Show Me Forever is the third book in the Maxwell Brothers series by Layla Hagen.  Layla Hagen writes some of the very best of family series. They are all so well done.  One of the things I love most about her books is that you can pick up from the anywhere within the series without missing out on the family dynamic, but honestly you should read them all! 

This is Declan Maxwell’s story.  His heroine is a very independent and thoughtful, she is also his neighbor.  Elizabeth (Liz) Watson is quickly a heroine you will girl crush on.

Liz is the type of heroine that sticks with you, she is so hard working and determined to make her dreams come true, I just loved her. She wasn’t looking for a hero to step in and fix things for her or make her life easier, instead almost to the determent of their relationship she is trying to show she can stand on her own to make her dreams happen. 

I knew that when Declan met his match he was going to fall hard, and boy did he. He is the oldest of his brothers and cousins.  He has always been the tamer of the chaos and the fixer in the family. Declan was the guy that has the plan and makes things happen.  Falling for someone like Liz who is so independent really made Declan work for his HEA. 

This also created some great on page chemistry.  Their battles as neighbors were so amazing and funny.  Liz really does not back down from Declan and his desire for routine. 

There was a natural development to their relationship and the connection they had to each other.  I really loved their moments together.  Also the family on the page creates some great moments without the feeling of being crowded.  The author just does such a great job of showing the relationship and family dynamic.  The way they are always in each other business and calling one another out is just one of the reasons I love The Maxwells. 

I highly recommend this series and really all of Layla’s books!  They do not disappoint.  Such a fantastic story!

April 12