Meant for Her by Natasha Madison

“A shallow and unrealistic romance that fails to deliver on its promised angst and depth.”

“Meant for Her” by Natasha Madison left me disappointed and frustrated. The characters, Christopher and Dakota, failed to engage me, to the point where I picked up and put down the book at least three times before finally giving up. The story prioritizes vibes over content, lacking the depth needed to draw readers in.

The dialogue is particularly problematic; it comes off as cheesy and unnatural, making it difficult to stay immersed in the narrative. Despite being billed as a taboo romance, the expected angst and tension are conspicuously absent, leaving the plot feeling flat and unexciting.

One especially glaring issue is the unrealistic text exchange between the female main character and her therapist. It was implausible and detracted significantly from the story’s credibility. Overall, the book fell short on many fronts, making it a challenging and ultimately unsatisfying read.

Book Stats:
Rating: 1/5 DNF
Series: Meant For
Tropes: Hockey, Sports, Close Proximity, Friends to Lovers, Single Mom,