Ep 208 Quick Fix Reads- Books Under 350 pages

On this episode of Buzzing About Romance, Jenni, Leah, and Becky share their curated list of must-reads under 350 pages that are not only short and sweet but also packed with all the feels you crave in a romance. Whether you’re looking for a steamy fling, a heartfelt journey, or a laugh-out-loud rom-com, we’ve got you covered.  

  • Pacing and Plot Development: 
  • Character Development: 
  • Reader Satisfaction and Accessibility: 
  • Quality over Quantity: Authors who typically write under 350 pages 

Sub Genre we cover:

  • Dark/Mafia  
  • RomComs/Contemporary  
  •  Small Town  
  •  Suspense  
  •  Sports  

Book of the Week:

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Books Mentioned this Episode


  • Craving Chaos by Jill Ramsower  
  • Dante by Sadie Kincaid 350 pages 
  • Stone Rider MC by Ashely Munoz 306 pages-  
  • The Syndicate Seires by Cala Riley average about 320 pages  
  • Sons of Valentino by Kylie Kent average 267 pages 


  • Pussy Next Door by Amy Award – 312 pages  
  • Since You’ve Bean Gone by Lainey Davis 196 pgs  
  • Montgomery Ink Legacy 326 pages  
  • The Sallingers Brothers Series average 318 pages 
  • Love on the Byline by Xio Axelrod 294 pages  
  • Lush Money by Angelina M Lopez 
  • Love Lies and Cherry Pies by Jackie Lau  
  • Anger Bang 292  

Small Town  

  • What I  Should’ve Sai d by Max Monroe – 318 pages 
  • Chasing Wild by Kristen Proby 291 pages  
  • The Summer We fell by Elizabeth O’Rourke  318 pages 
  • Stay Anyway (kincaid Brothers) by Kaylee Ryan 255 pages (series average about pgs 260)  
  • Heartbreak Brothers by Carrie Elks (series average 312 pages)  


  • Jamieson Security Force by Sawyer Bennett- average about 315 pages 
  •  Ashes of You by Catherine Cowles 334 pages 
  • Before We Fall by Aurora Reynolds 328 pages 


  • Lace ‘em Up by Elise Faber 323 pages  
  • Titans by Sawyer Bennett around 300 pages  
  • All in by Helena Hunting series average 300 pages 
  • Rookie Rebles by Kate Meader – On average 330 pages.  (Man Down is the longest at 377)  

Authors who typically write under 350 pages  

Kelly Jamieson  
Sawyer Bennett 

Jana Aston  

Carrie Ann Ryan  

Carrie Elks  

Danica Flynn 

Gina Azzi  

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