Year 5 Kick-off Celebration.

On July 1st we will be kicking off our 5th Year of Podcasting!

For this episode, we are opening up ourselves for questions. Here is your chance to ask any bookish question you want to know about us. We have hosted over 560 episodes!

In honor of kicking off our 5th year in Bookish Podcasting we are hosting an AMA style Episode.

Leah and I will be taking your questions live or you can submit them using the form below.

It can be bookish icks, Bad book habits, First romance, all-time favorite read or why we dnf’d a book. You can also ask book questions about the publishing process. It can also be Podcast Related: how we pick titles, our episode-writing process or the most embarrassing podcast moment.

We will be honest and uncensored. This is your chance to ask.

Asks us those most burning questions.